"Superior Strength, Superior Ability"


Prowess Private Training is a personal training system dedicated to bringing clients superior results through strength training, circuit training and nutrition counseling (Nutrient Fit). Developed by Fitness Coach and Nutrition Counselor Jénel Stevens, MS, CSCS, MKC, Pn1, M-KBIA, Prowess provides the whole package when it comes to meeting any fitness goal. 


Prowess Private Training strives to provide individualized attention to promote each client's physical and nutritional development on the road to fitness prowess. Focus and determination are two key elements to helping you reach your goals, and Prowess PT provides that same mindset when strategically guiding you through your program. Through a strong fitness knowledge base and continuing education, Prowess PT also seeks to coach and broaden the overall awareness of fitness to every person that trains from one day to several years. The Prowess PT system instills physical strength, mental fortitude and long-lasting results!