1, 5, or 10 pack - Use these hours whenever you decide. Please note however, that the recommended training schedule is at least twice per week in order to see results. After assessing your goals and determining your individual needs, a detailed and customized training program will be implemented to get you toward your desired results. The more frequently and consistently you train, the faster you see improvements!


Semi-PT - Still get the individual attention you deserve while sharing the experience with one, two or three friends. Semi-private training is gaining popularity as more people see how it can be motivating and extremely fun! Also available with Nutrient Fit.


Pro 30 - Working like crazy? Don't have the time to put in an hour at a time to train? No problem! The 30 minute session stills gets you a good workout in half the time. Sure an hour allows you to train more areas, but 30 minutes twice a week is better than sitting in front of a computer or TV for that amount of time, and gets you better results! Start out with this package and work your way up.

*Note: You must commit to at least two 30-minute sessions a week because this package has a 1-month expiration.


Pro Assess – Want to know how fit you really are? Have your fitness assessment done! Know where you are so you can know where you’re going. In this assessment, included in all training packages, the following information will be taken: your resting heart rate, body composition and/or body measurements, height/weight (if accessible), VO2 sub-max (if accessible), and flexibility. A brief interview will also be conducted to understand what your goals are, any injuries you have/had, and any other information that is important for getting you the results you deserve!


Nutrient Fit - These nutrition counseling sessions will allow you to get the detailed data you need to make the changes you want to see. Instead of having a trainer tell you between sets of exercises what you should have had for breakfast, when you're more concerned with refilling your lungs after those burpies, these sit down meetings will allow you to digest and retain valuable information. The right amounts of food for your body type, how many calories you need for your activity level and goals, what superfoods you should be eating, the timing of your meals and much more will be covered in the 30 minute session. The recommended schedule for Nutrient Fit is one session every other week to complement any of the other training packages.


"Commit" - Take the first step and commit yourself to reaching your goals by covering all angles. Not only will you get 8 sessions - basically one month of training to jump-start your fitness - but you will also put yourself ahead of the curve by starting to understand what nutritional eating really entails with the Nutrient Fit sessions that are included. Also available with semi-private training.


"Conquer" - You are now embarking on a serious journey toward a healthy lifestyle change. You know what you want, now let's go after it! 16 sessions complemented by 6 Nutrient Fit sessions will propel you toward your goals and provide you with an education to continue to take it to the next level. Also available with semi-private training.


"Prevail" - With 2-3 months of training and nutrition counseling, you will start to see transformations in your body and do things you never thought possible! With this package, and your commitment to it, you will discover all the benefits of creating good habits. Also available with semi-private training.


*** All packages have a 6-month expiration and 24-hour cancellation policy ***

(the Pro 30 pack has a 1 month expiration)